Reverie in a Museum Gallery

Lewis Chessmen – King



Ranging back —- to origins, finding them
Unfamiliar yet still responsive
Calling across Time from an eternal Present
A chess piece static on a board with shifting squares
Watching movements through the sea passages
Celtic, Norse – distinct identities fusing as the game plays out,
The squares, the circles, the undulant sea roads, the winding pathways of the mountains
All leading on as moves are made
The King waiting expectantly
The Queen taking a long view across the patchwork of the times, the ages, the changes that come through movements that re-arrange even the board, the landscape of the game.

The pieces unrecognisable now but still watching
Dreaming the world we know.

Lewis Chessmen
Lewis Chessmen

One thought on “Reverie in a Museum Gallery

  1. What lovely figurines and a suitably enigmatic response for a chessboard is unchanging yet so many times have passed and the landscape has shifted a lot since the 12th century when these strange little witnesses were made…

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