How many miles to Babylon?


Merfyn Peake
Listen to the spirit language
in silence

Is there a voice?
No human voice.

They are unbidden, uncalled for:

All the words in the world
but that we seek
Unwordly, unworldly, unsounded.

To get there
and back again
no need to count the miles
but kindle the flame
which flickers, falters
for a candle space
a candle time.

Listen! - they are timeless,
the smooth words flowing,

Hardening to roughness:
in the runnels
of history.

8 thoughts on “BABEL

  1. Wow. (For me) this is a profound meditation on the contrast between the babble of the everyday world and the spirit language that lies beneath, the words we do not hear because we are babbling instead of listening. A powerful lesson.

    1. … And a lesson we have constantly to re-learn in experience although we already know it it in our heart and soul. The eternal dichotomy.

  2. These words are powerful in, ironically, framing that which is as you say unworded and essentially unwordable. The language of Spirit is nuanced and magical, in its best and fullest sense. Thank you for sharing this poem.

    1. Thank you for this sensitive and nuanced response in the same empathic tone as the original. It certainly chimes with my intention in writing the post.

  3. Greg,
    This poem is extraordinary. Thank you for sharing this inspiration. I love the phrase “spirit language”. I often describe Druidry as a language. “Spirit language” is rich and fertile. I send you gratitude.

    Blessings of understanding,
    Kevin /|\

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