Is it the well
Where the pool lies still
Beneath the grill cover


 Or the nearby falls
Where the stream fills
The air with living water?



Meditation for

I asked about the Broken Well. She said the well is not broken, cannot be broken, for water will flow where the will takes us.

I asked about the flood. She said it was good that there should be flood, that water should flow where the will takes us.

“Look not just at the well where water lies still, but think that it rises, pulses, deep below where strong currents flow that give life to the world.”

“Time taken here to reflect on stillness, the deep mirror of awen, is spirit time out of the flow of worldly time, but time runs freely like water in the world: run with it, go with the streams of waters through the world. Be such a stream as water teaches that you may be.”

“Living water is not still, not a clear pool such as these depths seem that you stare into, but alive deep down. Rising and falling as the will takes us. Do not lose yourself in the stillness, though it is here for you when you need it. Find what is below, what rises to flow through the world which is threaded with living water, beaded with drops on land and in air as well as where the rivers run.”

“My wells are everywhere. I keep each one and guide the waters. Be with me often as you go your ways through the world and I will touch you with a blessing of living water, as the will takes us.”



3 thoughts on “SACRED WATERS

  1. Thanks for sharing Mererid’s wisdom. I’m intrigued by the idea that a well cannot be broken and that water flows where the will takes us. I’m wondering how it relates to my local well, which is completely broken and the purpose of will there… maybe I should ask Mererid? I do have a sense the well still exists in the land’s memory at least.

    1. I was a little surprised myself with the response, but it accords with my experience in travelling to Hadrian’s Wall to visit Coventina’s well and finding it completely trashed but then finding her in an outflowing of water nearby. But perhaps this was also an insight indicating the need to be positive and find the wells wherever they are.

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