2 thoughts on “Sovereignty

  1. Replying here as it’s more of an awenydd reply –

    Thanks for sharing these wise words.

    There’s so much I don’t get and so much that feels broken about the reawakening of nation states in a world dominated by global capitalism. A lot of it feels like it’s driven by false ideologies of imperialism, militarism, greed. For me this is reflected in many of our native myths where the sovereignty of the gods is abused – Urien’s rape of Modron, Arthur’s pillaging of Annwn.

    Now we’ve broken the bond with our sovereign gods and goddesses, with the land, with the otherworld, do we do away with the concept of sovereignty all together or do we attempt to make repairs?…

    Repairs with the deities and the lands beneath our feet and with other people and otherlands overseas too…

    Unfortunately the UK government seems to be going backward in these respects and as for the US… 🙁

    1. Yes ‘repairs with the deities and the land’ ; I was reading recently that, during the conversion of Ireland to christianity, the early churchmen felt the need to christianize the landscape as well as convert the people. One way they ‘redefined the physical world’ was to use sacred wells as places of baptism. That sort of re-imagination of the significance of our landscape is one thing we can do, as difficult as it seems to challenge the sovereignty of Capital which sees the landscape as little more than an investment opportunity.

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